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Why 3D?

High quality 3D-visualisations and animations create a new dimension in marketing communications. 3D offers a chance to present information in a way that is clear and impressive and that stands out from the competition. Here's a few reasons why you should select 3D:

  • Represented product or service can be anything
  • 3D-presentation can describe in great detail a single property of a product or a full complicated process of a service or anything in-between.
  • Gives you a chance to showcase a product or service that doesn't exist yet
  • Global way of communicating. Cultural references can easily be removed from the presentation
  • Can be utilised when designing, marketing or implementation of a product
  • 3D-versatility. The same 3D-model can be used for images, animations and applications and for any medium
  • Superior updatibility. 3D-models can be updated at any time and used again in any medium

To who?

3Dolli produce visualisations tailored to your product or whatever your service is. Our market consist of companies of all sizes, pretty much from every conceivable industry. Cities, towns and national projects tend to keep us pretty busy too.

Our production has for over ten years been emphasised on technical 3D-modelling and 3D-animations. More entertaining tv-adverts and character modelling (mascots etc.) are also an essential part of our services and give our clients a possibility to add more personality to their marketing.

Need solution?

Do you have an innovative product, but can't get your message through? Does your service stand out but your message doesn't? Are you still representing your complex process with PowerPoint-slides and Excel schematics?
If you answered yes to any of the questions above or if you're otherwise already convinced that your marketing and communications needs something new and amazing then please contact us. 3Dolli is ready to accept the challenge and bring new dimensions to your marketing too. Always in a cost effective way and customised to your specific needs.

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