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Valmistuli product viz

Valmistuli creates comprehensive solutions of indoor construction as turnkey projects, concentrating in fireplace and flue design, manufacturing and assembly. When creating new innovations, it is important to make sure that the customer understands the concept of the new product. 3Dolli has ways to respond to this demand and has often delivered visualizations of Valmistuli’s innovative services.


To present the product’s functions and features one image may sometimes be sufficient, but in some cases an animation is a more suitable option. Most important is to get a customer interested in the presented product and get him to understand it’s pivotal idea. The unique feature of 3D-modelling is the possibility to present aesthetic transparent surfaces and cross-cut images, so that the product’s features are easily accessible with a single glance.


”We needed 3D-images of our new products on our website. With 3Dolli the project was carried out swiftly and cost-effectively. The quality of the work was also just what we expected.”
- Jarkko Sivula, product manager.