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SunSauna-HomeSpa visualisations

SunSauna a sauna manufacturer from Jyväskylä contacted 3Dolli back in 2007 in order to uplift their communications. The main thing was to get images from different sauna models, so they could send an image to the customer with every quote.

SunSaunaFirstly 3Dolli produced some demo images of a selected sauna and with these the quality, the angle and overall style of the renderings were set.

Because of the large quantity of the different models 3Dolli and SunSauna agreed on certain standards that could be applied to all produced images.

In addition to the Sauna a bathroom had to be modelled too so that the HomeSpa-feel would pass on to the viewer.

Sauna visualisations have been produced since 2007 'till today. 3Dolli has also produced animations and other marketing material for SunSauna during the years.