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3Dolli offers a wide range of solutions to customers' marketing and communications to all media types.

Here is a list of some of the most typical services, presented with images and videos. To each customer there is naturally a customised solution, if these following examples don't seem to answer to your need then contact us and we'll find a solution for you!

We can model our customer's products or utilise existing CAD-design models and this way save a lot of modelling time. With the 3D-model of the product we can then produce images for brochures, katalogues, web or to any other marketing/commercial media.

Integrading 3D-models into photos or video to create and illusion of finished produt in it's natural environment. 3D-integration is widely used by for example building industry, developing towns and in cases where a specific property of the product needs to be emphasised. The underlaying photo/video can also be modified to achieve the desired effect.

When a more detailed presentation of the product is required a 3D-animation is usually the way to go. 3D-animation compared to a shot video material is normally a superior way to present the information quickly, clearly and effectively. A product that has been 3D-modelled for image production can also easilly be used for animations.

Stylish and professionally produced animation is an easy way to improve the quick conception of a product or service in exhibitions or in the web.

If a product or service has many qualities that interest the target audience in different ways then instead of a linear 3d-animation it is often best to produce an interctive application. This kind of application lets the viewer decide on what qualities he wishes to look at closer.

Contents of such an application can be anything from images to videos and 3D-materials. Interactive applications can be produced to web, directly to a device (tablet-computers, mobile phones etc.) or to customer's internal system.

Starting or developing businessess often want to renew or create their entire brand at once. It is then reasonable to use one supplier for the whole package. 3Dolli does this kind of FullHouse-service where we can create everything from the logo up to upgrade the customers visual brand in internal and external communications.


High quality 3D-visualisations and animations create a new dimension in marketing communications. 3D offers a chance to present information in a way that is clear and impressive and that stands out from the competition. Here's a few reasons why you should select 3D.

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3Dolli produce visualisations tailored to your product or whatever your service is. Our market consist of companies of all sizes, pretty much from every conceivable industry. Cities, towns and national projects tend to keep us pretty busy too.

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Do you have an innovative product, but can't get your message through? Does your service stand out but your message doesn't? Are you still representing your complex process with PowerPoint-slides and Excel schematics?

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