Kempele: 3D to aerials

The city of Kempele needed presentation materials for several different areas. The idea was to create solid material to present to interested companies and investors and to get them interested in locating their business to Kempele. The different areas varied in their location, content and planned construction schedule so each of them needed to be presented on it's own.

3Dolli produced seamless 3D-integrated aerials of each area and some detail photos for a closer look.


Work started with doing an aerial photography session and taking photos of each area with pre-planned views.

The 3D-work was based on customer's ideas and visions and some scetches of building plans. The different possibilities that the areas offered were to be clearly shown in the final images so that who ever was watching the presentation material would get the right feeling of the areas and get interested.

Seamless 3D-aerials were produced in fine detail and they were immediately embedded into Kempele's new marketing material, both electric and printed. With these images Kempele can now easily paint their images into the minds of their customers and investors.