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Finnvacum industrial imaging

FINNVACUM is an established company with a long history in the area of processing- and packaging technologies. For their year of anniversary the company wanted to revise their communications on many areas. 3Dolli was chosen to be responsible for delivering new product images, which for the company were sometimes troublesome to get from the manufacturers. A comprehensive visual style was created, which would include visualizations of all the products and machinery regardless of their manufacturer.

An important part of the image design was to consider the big picture in the layout of the promotional material, which would present the complete product line from cutting to packaging.

3D-models of some of the machinery were delivered to us, but others we had to model from photos gathered from the internet. The models were created in such a way that their future use in more detailed presentations would also be possible.

These versatile product visualizations can be used with ease in every stage of the marketing, from business cards to large printouts and from promotional leaflets to e-documents.