HYVA - Waste management

3Dolli has had a long partnership with an international conglomerate HYVA. We have produced several animations and images for presentations, marketing, product launches and to enhance quotes. Speed, quality, cultural anonymity and an established workflow have been key issues in producing material to busy and modern global markets.


Taking advantage of HYVA 3D-models and using them in realistically rendered environment gives us the ability to make animations and images to what ever media environment.



Contact lines are short and mutual understanding is fast, therefore 3Dolli delivers us in a 2-3 weeks timeframe the animations. We are impressed on the quality of details at the last animations delivered and we look forward to continue that way. 3Dolli is able to translate our message of product and application scene into an animation, and be able to adapt to changes fast. With their creativity (ie icons, application scenes, details) it helps us to deliver the right message of our solutions to our customers. 
- Peter Hoogendorn, Line of business director waste handling solutions