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3Dolli does visualisations for various industries and most of the times the projects are customised to best suit each case. Nevertheless cases for other clients can create ideas and thoughts on your own marketing and how it could be taken further.




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3Dolli offers a wide range of solutions to customers' marketing and communications to all media types.

Here is a list of some of the most typical services, presented with images and videos. 


Case Valtra

Valtra was again announcing a new tracktor model and wanted to present the better visibility of it's cabins and the new design of the hood. Cabins were best to be presented in a 360-degree interactive panorama where the user can turn and zoom the camera as he pleases and this way get a clear image on the cabin visibility.

Presentation for the new design and the new outer color choices was also ordered and a separate outer panorama-app was created for this.


3Dolli produced three separate cabins and backgrounds to present different qualities of the tracktor. Technical aspects of the project were done in a way that the apllication would be usable in both pc and mac (iPad/iPhone) environments. In addition to the applications 3Dolli also produced a number of images for print usage

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